The Lunch Plans!


No, I don’t party on Saturday nights. I was busy Orkutting and chatting with some of my friends when I got a call from Shi. By the way, he was my junior in college and a very good friend. These days he is totally immersed into his business, thanks to his Grand Dad’s constant check on him. And he does MBA on Sundays, yeah, you heard me right, SUNDAYS! So, this night, he called me up and told me that he has his exam on a Sunday and he has forgotten to get his hall ticket. So, he wanted me to go out with him for a movie, or anywhere under the sky for a time period, which would be just enough to cover his exam timings ( As he had already informed at home that he had an exam).

So, the D-Day arrived and I went to town to meet Shi. He was waiting in front of Kavita theatre (No, I don’t expect you all to know this place) with his Chevrolet. Now I don’t know why, but whenever I go with him on a ride on his car, he ends up doing one blunder or another. Once we were in a parking lot, and our hero wanted to take a reverse, and BBBOOOMMM, he ended up hitting the Scorpio behind. Thank Goodness, luckily the lot was empty! On another day, he parked on a declined road side behind a truck. Since he was on phone, he forgot to apply the handbrakes and got out. Suddenly the car started moving forward and Shi too ran behind the car, with the phone still glued to his ears, and the door wide open. Finally, he did manage to apply the handbrakes, but not before the car collided with the rear of the truck. :p Now before I met up with him, I just sms-ed him from the bus.(I did tell you right, he is crazy when he is inside his car!?) Below is the sms transcript which took place… :p

Me to Shi: Hey, I’l reach in 10 mins. Dont 4get to bring one nyt @ call centr.

Shi to his friend: I dont own a library! Buy it yourselves.

His friend to Shi: Wht the eff r u talking about?!

Shi to Me: Sorry, the lib msg was not 4 u.

Talk about goof-ups.. :p

Oh! Anyways, I got into his car and off we went to the driving beach. He wanted me to get some driving practice, though I didn’t ask for it. Now the best thing about this beach is that its full of people who want to learn driving. The sand is so wet and hard that you can drive along easily. After some amount of persuasion from him, I decided to take the wheels. From then on, it was constant whining. “Hey, watch out for the bumps”, “Slow down”, “If you go like this through bumps, the car will topple sideways”, “You don’t keep pressing the gas for so long in a first gear”, Phew, finally I was happy that it was done with.

Our next trip was to Tellicherry(again, I don’t expect all the readers to know this place). The main thing was he was hungry, and so was I. I don’t know why he decided this place, this place was almost 18KMs from our town. We went to a hotel called Rara Avis. We wanted to get into the AC Hall to beat the heat. The receptionist asked us to wait for sometime as the hall was full. So, we were waiting outside watching others fill their tummy. The receptionist was calling everyone but us, finally it got on our nerves and we confronted him. He promised that he’d give us the next available table. Finally he called us and we went to our so called ‘RESERVED’ table. I just went to the toilet to relieve myself, when I saw that a lady was using GENT’s toilet! Of all the time in the world, she wanted to use it at the same damn time when it was soooo urgent for me! :X Somehow I mustered all my energy and waited until she got out so that I could take my turn! Hmmmm, guess I must learn how to discipline my bladders. 😐

I got to the table after relieving myself and Shi was cribbing that the AC was not cool enough. Well, I couldn’t help but agree as beads of sweat rolled through my forehead, and a drop fell on the table. We called the receptionist and told him to switch on the AC. He retorted that the AC was ON. Shi boiled up and blasted at him why ain’t it cool then?! Now it was the receptionist’s turn to sweat! He bluffed that since its hot outside, the AC is sucking hot air! 😮 I asked him then what’s the point of sitting in an AC hall to beat the heat?! He just bluffed something again, and hurried out of the room. I could tell form Shi’s face that he had lost his appetite. The waiter in the hotel was another moron, who had no manners at all. I don’t know why, he didn’t want us to eat what we liked, but instead kept pleading us to take the special for the day, Mutton something-something! Well, Thanks, but no thanks. We finally ordered some parothas, chicken 65 and Gobi Butter Masala. To my astonishment, there was a Gobi Masala for 60 Bucks, and a Mushroom Masala for 50 Bucks! I am yet to find the difference in them apart from the cost and spelling! Now did I already mention that the hall was Air Conditioned?!

Duh! Finally, after a good wait of 15 mins, the food arrived. And yeah, the lunch was in an Air Conditioned hall, if you dint know. The chicken 65 looked like as if it had been taken out of a coal mine. The Parothas were fine. And the less talked about the Gobi Butter Masala, the better! Now since the food was costly, I dint want to waste it. So I had a li’l bit of Shi’s share too.. 😉 We both wanted something cold to drink, may be to keep our cool. :p Shi wanted a soft drink, and I wanted a Fresh Juice. And to Shi’s horror, there were no soft drinks, and to my horror, there was no Orange juice! :X So we decided on getting a Falooda instead. After we had our Falooda, the waiter came and said that ‘Oranges’ have arrived, would you like an Orange juice now?! (Gggggrrrrr…. %$#%$#) After our course, Shi was deciding about how many Rupees tips should he give for that moronic waiter. First we thought that we would give him a Rupee, but finally we decided against it and concluded that we would make do with nothing at all. So much for the service. Bleh! And yeah, did I forget to mention that the hall was AIR CONDITIONED!?

p.s: On our way back, Shi was so excited that he was at his best again when he took the wheels! He saw a Bus coming at full throttle in our direction, and the hero puts on the wipers instead of the brights! 😮


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